AskBjörn: How To Deal with Wedding Anxiety


Dear Björn,

“My wedding is a few weeks away and I’m overwhelmed with emotions. What can I do to be more relaxed?”

Thank you,

Nervous Bride

Dear Nervous Bride,

Girl breathe!! Take a deep breath and rub your ears! Whoosa! You’re nervous because getting married is indeed a huge step in any couple’s life, but sometimes it’s not only taking that big step, it’s also about the wedding itself which you’ve worked you have everything planned, so you want perfection, but do not let this get the better of you. You are marrying the man of your dreams, don’t lose sight of that. He chose you because you’re beautiful, you make him laugh, but most importantly, you make him feel at home. Take a break the last week of your wedding, in fact take a day and treat yourself to a spa day.

This should help you relax and get you ready for your wedding day.


Björn VW

Question: How did you deal with pre-wedding jitters?