AskBjörn: How Do I Enforce The "No Kid" Rule?


Dear Björn,

“My fiancé and I are putting together our guest list for the wedding and we are pretty adamant that we do not want any children to attend the wedding. I do not want to anger any of my family members but there are so many kids that our budget does fit to have all the kids. We are also not having any kids in the bridal party. How do I gently break the news to our families and friends that kids are not invited to the wedding?

Thank you!

The Kid Grinch

Dear Ms. Kid Grinch,

Great question. This is how you should handle this very tough topic. Firstly, when you send out your Save The Dates and Invitations, do not address them as Mr. Addams & Family, simply use their names only. Now you may think, “well what about out of towners”. Be open and honest with them from the get-go and explain to them that you would really love for them to attend and go as far as suggesting a company for a trusted babysitting service in your area. Not everyone will be comfortable with this, but let them know that you really want them to enjoy the wedding and make them see it as a night out. It would be up to them after the conversation to attend or not.

Good luck and have a fantastic wedding!


Björn VW

Question: Have did your friends and family react to the “NO KID” rule?