AskBjörn: Just Engaged, Family Pressure. Help!


Dear Björn,

My boyfriend and I got engaged a little over 2 months ago and my family is over the moon. The only thing is everyone is talking about planning the wedding, but my fiancé and I would like to wait a year before we start planning. How can I gently tell them to not put so much pressure on us?


Just Engaged!

Dear Just Engaged,

Congratulations to you and your fiancé on your engagement, you must be so over the moon. Getting engaged is a monumental moment in a couple’s life. My best advice for you would be to tell your family to back up, lol. Have a sit down conversation with your family and let them know of your decision to wait a year and that you’d like to enjoy your engagement without any outside interference from friends and family. Inform them once you are ready with the planning process that they will be the first to know and would like them to be a part of the fun of wedding planning.

Enjoy your being engagement,


Björn VW

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