10 Reasons Wedding Planning May Not Be For You.


10 reasons wedding planning may not be for you.

My love for this industry is deeper than the titanic still stuck in the ocean, for real. After observing posts in some of the groups I am in on social media, all I am seeing most of the times are bitching and moaning posts and I think to myself, why is this person even in this group. The wedding industry is one of the toughest industries to break into and takes heart, backbone, a personality and skills that only a certain person posses. We are all in this industry because we either love being creatives, want to help bride and grooms create the perfect memories, but also build a foundation and a brand that sets us apart from everyone else.

However, this industry is also not for the faint hearted. If you think you can become a stellar wedding planner just because you planned your own wedding, think again. There is so much that is required of you in the real world of planning and if you don't buckle up, this might not be the right ride you want to get on. Here are 10 reasons why being a planner may not be for you.

1. You can't work long hours. 

Whether you are running a wedding on the day of or during the planning process, be prepared to put the work in. Some more established planners have mastered their craft to the point where they can now do this job between 9am-5pm. If you are a newbie, be prepared. I remember when I first started, between trying to get clients, creating my website, deciding on a logo, building relationships with vendors, it took forever, almost as much time as it took for me to create my Myspace page, lol. That was until I got tired and starting focusing on only the business and my creative guy started taking care of all my marketing materials. So remember, this industry takes commitment. You need to be as committed as Stedman is to Oprah. Be prepared to work long hours not only on the event itself, but also all the little tasks that will make your business great.

2. Always ask for advice/help on Social Media.

Let me be clear here, there is nothing wrong with asking for advice, but as a planner, it is extremely important that you do thorough research for your clients. Professional planners will always be willing to share advice and help here and there, but we are not here to help you plan an event you are getting paid for. The client hired you, not us. And if you are not educated enough on this industry, you may have to go back to Event Planning School.

3. You're not very well organized. 

Super important here. Organization in any industry is extremely important, but in the wedding industry it's on level 500. Clients can easily tell how organized you are by just looking at you at that very first meeting. You kinda have to treat it like you're at the laundromat, separating the whites from the colors, if you don't organize your laundry properly, you might throw in the colors with the white and nobody wants that. Keep labeled folders of all your clients, mark them "timeline, rentals, vendor list". The more you stay organized, the less chances of a mess up.

4. You don't like doing research.

How many of you have seen this in these groups. "My client wants to do a basket ball themed wedding, any advice"? Again, we are not here to help you plan an event your client is paying you to do. That is why there are outlets like Google, Pinterest. Once you receive too much info from different planners, your clients vision will get lost, too many hands in the jar. Facebook groups are there to help you with certain things, not everything. Look this shit up!

5. Patience is not your virtue.

Your wedding business is not going to explode overnight. This will take time. Before any client puts their big day in your hands, it's going to take time for this to happen. You have  got to be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day.  

6. Always complain about vendors.

This is where your backbone comes in. All vendors work differently and sometimes they don't know you because they've never worked with you. Remember our jobs are to be leaders. Never go against a vendor, if you work well with vendors from the get go, they can play an instrumental role in the growth of your business. Play nice!

7. You have more styled shoots than actual clients.

Creating a styled shoot is a great tool to speak to perspective clients about your brand & style, but what's the point of spending all your money on styled shoot when you can invest that money in a marketing plan to bring actual clients through your door? See, a styled shoot is an easy way to show your creative side, but if you've never worked hand in hand with a bride, you'll never know what it's like to work with an actual couple. Never base your styled shoot on just the design style of your bride. Finding your ideal bride involves so much more. You need to know her well. For example, does she prefer Wine or Cocktail? Does she shop at Neiman Marcus or Joyce Leslie? What does she do for work? Create a detailed profile of your clients and when you have that, go find them.

8. You don't know where to find clients/how to market.

I've heard this so many times "I live in a small town, there are only a few planners in the industry that gets recommended". This is your chance to think outside the box. You want to be a planner, there are many ways you can get into the industry. Don't think because you "love Creating" means that you will get clients right away. It's going to take time and patience, I speak from experience. Don't focus only on Facebook ads/posts. Go out there and set up meetings with Florist, Venues, Photographers, DJ's. Let them see you. You have to work your fingers to the bone in marketing. Always carry business cards with you at all times. By creating your ideal client profile, you can determine who and where your clients are.

9. All You Do Is Bitch and Moan.

Oh god, if I see one more complaint on Facebook, I might have to call the event planner lords on you. Yes, we all deal with so much in our business, but if you continue to bitch and moan "ooh, my feet are killing me, "the photographer is in the way" "the DJ sucked" SUCK IT UP! This is your job, it comes with the territory/ You never know who's watching. For instance. If a seasoned planner in your groups are looking for help with day of assistance and they happen to look for help in your area and they post it in the group that you are a part of, they will look past you, because of all they've seen from you is bitching and moaning.

10. You're not a team player.

This is honestly something I pride my business on. Yes, sometimes we work with vendors who are difficult to work with, but in the end, it's about the client and if you do not lead the team, the client will suffer and nobody wants that. The statement "team work, makes the dream work" is such an accurate term for our industry. Always act professional and be a team leader without being pushy or bitchy. One of the things I always say to a vendor when I introduce myself is "what can I do to make your job easier" I learned that early on in my career. Some vendors have certain opinions about wedding planners, it is your job to prove them wrong. If you are young in the game, never act snooty, you can learn a lot from vendors and if you are nice and professional and they see that, they will have no problem working with you later on.

Being a planner is honestly a very rewarding job and an enjoyable one for the right individual. With the right training, research and education you can be a stellar planner. There are many online courses you can take that doesn't cost much that will prepare you for what's to come. Be willing to invest. Look into QC Career School (being disciplined for this course is very important) it's an affordable online event & wedding planning school where you can take the course in your own time or simply intern with a local events company. Planners are always looking for help and with the right attitude and determination, they will snag you.

Thanks for reading!

Björn VW