10 Phrases A Wedding Planner Has Heard A Million Times"


Wedding professionals deal with so much on a day to day bases. The good, the bad and the ugly, for real, lol, but we love every minute of it. I have dealt with my fair share and here are the receipts, lol. Enjoy!


1. How Much Do You Charge?

If I had a nickle for every time I've received an email or call with this question, I'd be a thousandnaire, I swear. For example " Good morning, I'm getting married on next week, how much do you charge?". When looking at a wedding planning service for your big day, you absolutely have to set up a consultation before you receive any quote. You wouldn't hire a lawyer without knowing the services they offer, would you? It's important for wedding planners to know who they are speaking to and determine what your needs are. So before you call, find out about their availability and the types of services they offer before asking for a price point. Real wedding planners who care, will make you understand the value of their services a lot better than someone who just gives you a quote over the phone without knowing the exact particulars of your big day.

2. "I want my wedding to be different"

Every bride wants a wedding that is unique and different and with a reasonable budget it can be. You know you don't want the same flowers for your wedding that your best friend had, then simply don't use the same vendors your best friend used. Every wedding is different, it all depends on your personal style and vendor choices and what makes an awesome wedding, is the best food, up to date DJ's and out of the box thinking.

3. "but The Knot says"

As much as The Knot and many other outlets are great resources for any bride, we don't work for The Knot. Every wedding planner has their own unique style, approach & skills for weddings, that's why you are hiring them. Respect their process and let them lead the way.

4. "My family said they will help set up"

Never, ever let your family help with the set up of your wedding. You have invited them as guests, not employees. Having your family set up your wedding causes so many headaches, I don't think there is a pill big enough to cure that. Once there are too many hands on the pot, it causes even more frustrations for you. Allow them to enjoy themselves. That dress, makeup, shoes that they paid for was made to party, not clock in and out of work. Hire a professional!

5. "My cousin is a DJ and he said he'll do it for free"

Don't do it! Hiring friends and family for your wedding is a huge mistake, unless they are actually in that profession. Hire a DJ who specializes in wedding. Often times, friends and family don't take your wedding seriously, I have seen this first hand. Because they know you, they get lazy and forget they have a job to do. It makes the job of a wedding planner even more challenging.

6. "My photographer is planning the timeline"

There are so many timelines out there these days, anyone can get a timeline and be a "wedding planner". Wedding planners do not follow timelines of other vendors and nor do we take orders on how your day is suppose to run. Experienced planners create custom timelines and distribute it equally amongst all the vendors and working as team.

7. "The venue comes with a wedding coordinator"

Your venue comes with a venue coordinator, not a wedding coordinator. It's very easy to get the two confused and I can see how that would confuse you, because these days, venues over sell you all these services, that you think you are getting a wedding coordinator. Think about it. Can you call that venue coordinator up at anytime when the seamstress hemmed your dress too short? Or when your invitations didnt show up on time? Or your dj cancels at the last minute? These are just some mild examples that do actually happen. When hiring a professional wedding coordinator, these pros are trained to put out fires!

8. " I saw this on Pinterest, can you create that for $500"

Stop having Maserati dreams on a Pinto budget, it's not realistic. Set forth realistic financial goals when it comes to your wedding. Know what you can afford vs what you can't. Before looking for a particular wedding service, look at the quality of that vendors work, their style and brand, then determine whether you are able to afford it or not. Hire vendors within your budget!

9. "I looked at your wedding proposal, we don't need the following services"

You might think you don't need it, but down the line you will. I've stumbled upon this a thousands times and 9 times out of 10, brides later realize that it's the services they turned down that are actually the services they need. This once again comes down to the financial goals. If you don't pay for it now, you will later, because once you add services back on, you will get charged. Those services wouldn't be in that proposal if the wedding planner didn't think it was absolutely necessary.

10. "We just need you for day of"

If you ever come across a wedding coordinator who says they do "day of", girl, run, you run like you stole something. No professional wedding coordinator will come in the day of the wedding and just make things happen, it doesn't work that way. That's like taking anyone off the street to come and coordinate your wedding. There are so many details wedding planners need to be made aware of, operations, production, installation, strike (only to mention a few) and we simply cannot know all that in day. Look for a wedding coordinator who does Month of Wedding Coordinators, it's an affordable wedding service we offer to those brides who cannot afford a full service planner. You want peace of mind that your wedding is in the hands of a professional.

At the end of the day, we love what we do, but sometimes we're just over here scratching our heads saying, I did not just hear that, lol

Thanks for reading!

Björn VW

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