8 common lines every wedding planner uses on their website.

The Wedding business is fun, serious, creative and could teach you more about yourself than you know. We (the planners) would bend over backward for our clients and will do what we can to land a client. But something I’ve noticed is that every planner almost says the same thing, some choose to use bigger words (half the time I need a dictionary for it, no joke, lol). We all have to start somewhere right? Here are some pretty common lines you’ll sure find on most planners websites. Please be advised before you read this, in no way is it meant to insult our planners, it’s merely to have a chuckle! Enjoy!

1. “Let us bring your vision to life”

2. “We’ll do the work, you enjoy your big day”

3. “Be The Guest at your wedding”

4. “Let us take care of the details”

5. “Don’t stress, we got you”

6. “We’ll plan your wedding perfectly”

7. “Every couple is different, we’ll adapt to your style & personality”

8. “We’ll work hard, so you don’t have to”

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed typing it!

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Thanks for reading!

Björn VW

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