The Holidays are almost here!

The Holidays are almost here!

Did you know that there are only 34 days until Halloween, 57 days until Thanksgiving, and 88 days until Christmas? 
While it may seems like you have a lot of time, the holidays are approaching much faster than you think! 

Björn & Company is now accepting bookings for all types of parties, and holiday events. Call us to plan your corporate holiday events, year end celebrations, team building, client networking, and exquisite festive experiences. 

We also specialize in elevating private events - intimate dinners and celebrations. Make your Halloween legendary, your Thanksgiving the talk of season, make your December celebrations the event of the year and the next!

From the initial consultation to full execution, Björn and Company is here to help!

Book your event by October 15th and receive special promotions. 
Call us at 646.524.6342

We look forward to planning your next big event!
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