5 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Holiday Party


Damn Daniel, where did 2017 go? It's almost September and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you can do to really spice up your holiday party. Give your guest a little something extra, something memorable and something different. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Creating the perfect menu

Nobody and I mean nobody should ever be subjected to bad food. The food trend has evolved so much in the past 10 years that catering companies have adjusted to the new style of cooking. Not that there's anything wrong with traditional style. When looking at a catering company, make sure that their menus are innovative, creative and bursting with flavor. Remember guests will always remember mediocre food.

2. Create Delicious Holiday Inspired Cocktails

Nothing better than creating the perfect cocktail for your party that guests would love. Remember, the more creative the cocktail, the better time your guests will have too. Serving regular drinks are great, but take your party to the next level by bringing in a mixologist that can create not-so regular cocktails. I have the perfect Mixologist, who creates the best cocktails for our clients! Ask for him!

3. Add an activity or entertainment

Keeping your guests entertained will take more pressure off of you, the host. Consult with a magician or special activity group to keep your guests busy and happy. The last thing you want is to have guests standing around waiting to talk to somebody because they either came without a partner or they are still trying to feel the room. Add an activity that could get them engaged or participate as group.

Photo by:   Robert Strong

Photo by: Robert Strong

4. Create a festive environment

Nothing says holidays like a well decorated setting. It really gets you in the holiday spirit and sets the perfect tone. Martha Stewart always has such easy, do it yourself decor items that you can make at a really affordable price, but still sets the holiday mood. Get your kids or colleagues involved, it's a great team building exercise as well!


5. Send your guest home with perfect parting gift

Little parting gifts for your guests will really help them remember your party, so come next year, they won't hesitate to RSVP yes! Make the gift fun and memorable, something they can use that would remind them all year long about you!

Photo by:   Artvesta Studio

Photo by: Artvesta Studio

Planning an event can sometimes be stressful and not turn out to not be as much fun as you had hoped and you don't get to enjoy it as much as you wanted to. Consult with a planner to help you iron out all those details, so you can sit back and enjoy your event with your guest.

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