Adding a Personal Touch: Our DIY Favorites

Adding a Personal Touch: Our DIY Favorites

Whether started a year in advance or on a spontaneous whim a month to the big day, wedding planning takes skill, patience, and insider industry know-how. And because wedding days can be notoriously unpredictable, it’s imperative to have someone in charge who can roll with the punches and work a miracle if things go sideways (rain during an outdoor wedding, the wrong cake topper, wilted centerpieces…it happens!).

While wedding planning may seem like a lot of fun—and it is!—it also takes a lot of work. Ambitious brides and grooms who take on planning single-handedly always find themselves stressed and unable to enjoy their special day as much as they could if they’d left the coordination to a professional. But let’s be real—a lot of people have a very particular vision for their wedding; on such a special occasion, personalization is everything.

Giving what seems like creative control to someone else can be alarming, even as they work with you closely to make your dream a reality. You want to make sure your guests know this was really and truly your big day, while still giving it the polish and finesse that only comes with veteran expertise. So for the best of both worlds, there are still ways you can incorporate very personal touches into the celebration without taking on the entire project. That’s why we always encourage our clients looking to be more involved, creatively, to add a handmade touch. After all, little details can make the biggest statement.


Here are some of our favorites from recent weddings:

1. Oh HONEY I’m from Minnesota: For the wedding of the amazing Evan and Lauren Johnson, party favors were petite jars of raw honey celebrating the couple's Midwestern roots.

DIY Wedding Gifts | Bjorn & Company | Wedding Planner | New York Weddings

2. For this beautiful gold-and-white themed wedding at the Benmarl Winery, the bride went for unconventional favors at each place setting in the form of a jar of homemade pickled eggplant!

Photography by:  Ricky Restiano Photography

3. While this sign was technically a Björn DIY, a great option would be working with an expert bartender to create a signature cocktail—one for each of the couple. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, give it your own name!

DIY Wedding Gifts | Bjorn & Company | Wedding Planner | New York Weddings

(Because hashtags are fun, but cocktails are a whole lot more fun.)

Here at Björn & Company, we love making each and every wedding a highly personalized affair that celebrates your beautiful union. We’ll manage the logistics, connect you with the best vendors and venues, and ensure your special day runs without a hitch…so you can focus on the little details that will really make your special day special.

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