Why The First Looks Is So Important, According to Björn

For every couple, their wedding day is the biggest stepping stone in life as they recite vows to become husband and wife. You imagine what the day is going to look like, how you going to look in your designer wedding dress, the decor and everything that comes along with a wedding. But every so often, I see couple decides against old traditions ie THE FIRST LOOK because she’d like to have the groom sees her for the first time walking down the aisle, as she would like to see a genuine reaction out of husband to be (which is totally not a bad thing), However, this decision most of the time is quite a painful one for everyone involved due to miscommunications and bad planning.

A FIRST LOOK for those who don’t know, is when the couple sees each other decked out in their bridal attire for the first time. Usually, the groom faces one way and the bride comes up behind him and she taps him on the shoulder. They see each other, smile, kiss, have a moment, etc...

Here’s are the benefits of a first look if your wedding day is going to be long as hell and you’d like to enjoy your day. What most couples fail to realize is that if not planned properly, other parts of the wedding gets affected.

Bridal Portraits: When doing your first look, that would lead into couple portraits, leaving you and your soon-to-be husband at least a half hour with you and your photographer for photos and that’s done!

Bridal Party Photos: Gives you an opportunity to get all your bridal party photos out of the way instead of having to chase them down after the ceremony.

Family Portraits: This is usually the tricky part. If you decide to do family photos right after the ceremony, this becomes a nightmare when you have a big family. Don’t depend on your photographer or your coordinator to hunt down family members, because even though you have made those lists, the professionals do not know what your family looks like. Everyone, including your family, gets caught up in the cocktail hour, forgetting they have to be in family pictures. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have seen brides stressed & frustrated during this time. They have already been on their feet since early in the morning getting hair and makeup done, by the time family portraits happen, trust me, she wants to get it over with.

FIRST LOOKS are especially important when your wedding takes place in two separate locations, you have to factor in traveling time and we all know that there’s always a few family members who will be late, prolonging the whole process even further.

Considering these factors and how it will affect your day will have a huge impact on the rest of the day.

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Björn VW

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