Fun With Food: Unexpected, Unconventional Wedding Treats & Sweets


Weddings are a time to come together in honoring and celebrating the union of two much beloved people. It’s also a time to eat, drink, and be merry! Every couple wants to have a day that they and their guests will remember for years to come, and take the wedding as an opportunity to debut their joint sense of style and fun. From sprinkles as confetti to extravagant cakes to unique venues, the creative ways in which couples can share their celebratory spirit are endless. One popular option is to go rogue with…food! Food can be a beautiful expression of who the couple are, and the styles can range from whimsical to adventurous. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite unexpected, unconventional ideas for wedding treats and sweets. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Truck

This one is such a delightful surprise that guests absolutely go nuts over. It’s the nostalgia mixed with the pure happiness that comes from fresh soft-serve ice cream…can’t go wrong with that. The MacWhites had a Mr. Softee’s truck at their Brooklyn, New York reception and it was a total hit!

Photo by:  Eager Hearts Photography

Photo by: Eager Hearts Photography

Popcorn Station

This is a wonderful cocktail hour idea, and works well with a variety of different themes (and definitely the perfect touch to an outdoor, farm-inspired affair). Overflowing baskets in different flavors with different optional seasonings will provide the perfect snack for guests as they mingle and chat, and providing paper bags is the prefect opportunity for a little personalization with a stamp or clever phrase (and who doesn’t love those?).


Gourmet Soft Pretzel Station

This is a fun trend that we’re definitely on board for. Everyone knows that a fresh, hot pretzel is irresistible to even the most discerning of palettes, so it’s already bound to be a crowd-pleaser. We’re totally in awe of the creative designs people have come up with to display the pretzels, as well, and the inventive and delicious dips! From sweet to savory, spicy to straight-up eclectic—the more unique, the better.


Dessert Table

Cake is great, but you know what’s even better? Cake AND other desserts! This is a fairly popular trend nowadays, but still a non-traditional choice that makes for a nice departure from the expected. Brides Kaitlyn and Rachel opted for this type of spread at their Beacon, New York rustic-chic wedding and curated all the picks from their favorite treat shops. It made for a very special, personalized experience that guests adored. After all, why have only cake when you could have cake, cookies, doughnuts, chocolates…?

Pizza To-Go

Forget stale Jordan almonds; our new favorite favor? Pizza! Yes, you read that correctly. For happy couple Rebecca and David’s upstate reception, we brought in The Cookery’s Doughnation Mobile Pizza Oven. Guests could pick from a menu of pies topped with bone marrow, traditional margarita, and Brussels sprouts with bacon and ricotta. The on-site chefs fired up the mobile brick oven and baked the pies fresh on the spot, making for a truly one-of-a-kind favor experience!

Photo by:  Alicia Anne Photography

Photo by: Alicia Anne Photography

Here at Björn & Company, our aim is to create simply elegant wedding experiences—and we’re not afraid to try new things to bring a fun, interesting flavor to the mix. The key is in execution, and with our years of experience and expertise we can take any idea and tie it in to the overall vision seamlessly. Whether it be a traditional selection of hors d’oeuvres, an extravagant raw bar, or truly eccentric ode to your love of all things macaroni and cheese, we pride ourselves in finding creative and fun ways to make sure each wedding tastefully and timelessly expresses each couple’s unique style. To learn more about our wedding services, click here.

Bon appétit!