Wedding Planning According to Karen Walker


Oh Honey! What’s happening! What’s this all about?

Oh, Honey! Listen, when a couple gets engaged, it becomes one of the most life-changing events in their lives, aside from starting a family. Planning your wedding will become one of the most daunting tasks and not everyone can afford a wedding planner, so you are forced to plan your wedding on your own or with the help of your family. During this time, you will be going through a lot. A lot of questions you will have to answer, a lot of emotions you have to deal with. Let me give it to you straight, it’s going to become overwhelming and a lot to handle, so that is why I am here to make it a little more fun. Here are some examples of things you will go through during the planning process and make it even easier, I have asked my drinking buddy Karen Walker for some help!

People are constantly asking “When’s the wedding?" when you’ve only been engaged for 2 weeks.

Girl, this is going to happen, no matter how much you try to avoid it. But don’t you just wish people would leave you be so you can enjoy being engaged?

It’s 1 month before your wedding and your colleagues who you didn’t invite says “I haven’t received my invitation yet”

Unless your relationship with your colleague is like that of Karen & Grace, you won’t be invited to the wedding. Remember, weddings are expensive and couples usually invite those closest to them. If you have to ask, you were not invited so don't cry. Emotions are for poor people!

When your mother insist on you wearing her wedding dress from the 60’s.

Your mother is going to suggest a whole lot of things, don’t be afraid to say no. Your mother means well and sometimes they do want to impose the wedding on you that they might not have had. Sit down with your mother from the beginning and let her know that you love her, but this is your wedding and it should reflect your taste and personal style.

When find out what your Pinterest wedding will actually cost.

Not every bride has buckets of money, is a hoot and a half, have a huge rack, so you have to be realistic when it comes to expectations vs what you can afford. Unlike the time when Karen paid for Grace’s wedding, you may be on a budget. Before you start reaching out to vendors, be realistic about your budget and how much you want to spend. Once you have your budget in place, start breaking it down in sections. Here’s an article published by The Knot that accurately depicts how you should break down your wedding budget. Don’t get caught like Grace when Karen cashed all checks and she was overdrawn by thousands.

Six months later when someone asks you how wedding planning is going

You tell em girl!

You went for your first wedding dress appointment and took your mother, your aunt, you cousin, your best friend, your sister, your niece.

Oh honey, big mistake! Now this will drive you to drink! Never bring too many opinionated people to your first dress shopping appointment. Having seen this with my own eyes so many times, your family will drive you crazy, cause you even more stress and totally confuse you. The only people you should take to your dress appointment is your mom and maid of honor. You know what they say about opinions…

Not invited with a +1 or children

Wedding guests, please stop doing this. If you are single and have only dated a guy for 2 months, no he cannot come to the wedding, so don’t even ask the bride if you can bring your new fling of the month. Keep this in mind, if the couple has never met this person or know anything about him/her, do not feel offended if you can’t bring him/her. Same goes for children if the invitation does not state “Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Family they couple does not want kids at their wedding. It’s a night off from the kids for you too.

Your bridesmaids don’t like the color and style of their bridesmaids dresses

That’s right, nobody matters but the bride. Look, ladies, this is her day, give her what she wants, I am sure she will wear whatever you tell her to wear when it’s your day. Having seen all the unnecessary fights between friends and family adds an additional stress level to the already overwhelmed bride. Remember, it’s about her, not you!

Now listen, we know how hard wedding planning can be, we recommend staying medicated at all times, (lol, just kidding, we DO NOT condone this, only Karen Walker does) AND understand it all too well and sometimes, you gotta take a moment to yourself and not overthink everything. We here at Björn & Company do our best to keep our client laughing and hold their hands every step of the way. For more information about our wedding planning services, please click here

Thank you so much for reading!


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