On the Spot: Aida Lucero, Makeup Artist + Founder of Lucero Artistry


Aida Lucero enhances natural beauty, one client at a time!

We would not be able to create the amazing weddings that we do without our truly incredible network of vendors. From florists to photographers to stationers, we are lucky to know some of the most talented and creative pioneers in their industry. In this weekly segment, we’ll be featuring our partner vendors and introducing you to their story and the amazing work they do. This week, we’re introducing you to makeup artist and owner of Lucero Artistry, Aida Lucero. Her cosmetic skills and abilities have led the Elmhurst, New York-based artist to quickly becoming one of our go-to’s for weddings and events, and we’re not alone—though new to the industry, Aida has all the hallmarks of a rising star. With only two years of experience under her belt, she’s producing work that leaves even veteran industry pros impressed. We caught up with her to learn more about her background, what makes her tick, and one very special wedding she’ll never forget.

How long have you been a makeup artist?

I've been working as a makeup artist for 2 years now.

Wow, only two years! That’s impressive. So how did you first get involved in makeup artistry?

My journey in makeup artistry came about by chance. When I graduated from college, I couldn't find a job in my field. I began blogging about makeup—which was something I was getting into at the time—and I always practiced on myself with the products the cosmetic companies would send me. My blog focused on product reviews and makeup looks, so I spent a lot of time in cosmetic stores and was frequently approached by customers who thought I was a makeup artist. After receiving an influx of compliments from the public I decided to start practicing on people I knew. It is one thing to know how to do your own makeup, but another thing to be able to do makeup on others! Once I got comfortable enough, I had business cards with my name done and handed them out to anyone and everyone.

And when did you start Lucero Artistry?

I started Lucero Artistry in May of 2015. After doing makeup for half a year, I decided to take it to its maximum potential. I officially registered Lucero Artistry and used my business background to write up client contracts and build a company website myself. The rest is history!

So what do you love most about what you do as a professional artist?

Not only do I get to create art, I also get to make my clients feel great about themselves. There's nothing like seeing a client smile once I'm done working on them—it’s the biggest gratification I receive from my job. I also love getting to meet new people from all different walks of life.


And where do you find your inspiration?

My family inspires me; they inspire me to do what I love most, which is to create art and make people smile. Artistically, what inspires me is today's society. I think women are stuck in a position where they think they have to all look the same, and feel the need to alter their face and body to whatever is trending at the moment. There is nothing wrong with beautifying yourself, but the extremes some women feel they need to take on to fit in are farfetched. Beautifying yourself doesn't necessarily mean having to change yourself into a whole new person, and I show my clients that through my work—by bringing out and enhancing the beauty that was already there.

So how would you describe your makeup artistry style?

My style of artistry focuses on providing my clients with a full makeup application that has a soft-like appearance. I think of it as a made up, better version of themselves without changing who they really are.

What wedding, to date, did you most enjoy being a part of—and why?

The wedding I most enjoyed being a part of was my sister's wedding. I had the opportunity to do her makeup as well as my mother's. It was the only time I got to do my mother's makeup before her recent passing. It will be a moment that I will always remember, and seeing the pictures of her smiling that day makes my heart happy.


To learn more about the makeup services of Lucero Artistry, visit their website at www.luceroaristry.com. To learn more about our wedding services (and the other great vendors we work with!), click here.

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